Triathlon Coaching | Run Coaching | Sports Nutrition

Online Individual Training Plans for Sprint to Ironman
Swim, Bike and Run Technique Analysis
Equipment Advice and Recommendations
3 Dimensional Bike Fit
Race Planning and Strategy
Regular Training Camps / Weekends
Triathlon Coaching
Online Individual Training Plan for all distances
Run Technique Analysis and Drills
Run Coaching
Diet Analysis and Planning
Special Needs Sports Diets
Training and Race Nutrition
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Sports Nutrition
Core Conditioning
Functional Strength Training
Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Conditioning
Single Monthly cost of covers ALL of the listed services as well as unlimited email access to coach, Skype access and discounts from our Partners
Fit2Tri covers ALL aspects - there are no referrals to bike fitters, dieticians etc.
Discounts available for groups.
 Coach Graeme - $200 pcm
 Coach Dave - $150 pcm 

One off 3 day diet review and planning is available for $150.
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Fit2Tri Athletes - $150
All others - $250Bike_Fitting.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
Bike Fitting